VIDEO: Understanding and using QRISK2 to communicate CVD risk (part 2)

Building on our previous blog post, this content completes our 2-part series on training and cardiovascular risk. Watch the video to see Health Diagnostics’ Training & Development Lead, Geoff Curtis, give a brief 10 minute training session on QRISK2.

The effective communication of CVD risk is an essential aspect of health check delivery and one that is too often inadquately understood. In our experience, the extent to which appropriate knowledge and techniques can be deployed during this process can have a pivotal effect on the overall outcomes of consultations.

Watch the video to learn about key considerations when using the QRISK2 calculator. If you like what you see and are interested in exploring more training with Health Diagnostics, we are able to host training sessions for individuals, regardless of experience level. Benefits include:

  • CPD accreditation
  • Learning aligned with Public Health England’s Competence Framework
  • 92.0% average satisfaction score for the first half of 2019
  • Average 21% improvement in knowledge levels of delegates
  • Post training reports for commissioners
  • Free access to online e-learning tools
  • Teaching staff with over 15 years experience and a track record of having trained over 4000 individuals

With attrition rates of NHS nursing staff at 12% according to NHS England, retaining and developing the knowledge and skill levels of staff is key to ensuring consistent and effective service provision. If you would like support with closing the knowlegde gap locally, get in touch. All courses are configured to the bespoke requirements of the commissioner at no extra cost.